Beauty Announcement: Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment is Here!

We at Rejuvenation Clinic have been doing something a little out of character.

We’ve been keeping a secret from you.

Typically, we keep our clients in the loop on the most cutting-edge skincare treatments available, but we’ve had to keep some big news that will revolutionize many of your skincare routines under wraps.

Until now.

Post Arkansas Summer Skincare

In a matter of weeks, another warm, sunny Arkansas summer will come to a close. While summer is one of the most carefree, enjoyable times of the year, the season can certainly take a toll on your skin. A combination of extra exposure to sun, water and sand often leaves skin discolored, irritated and sun damaged. Thankfully, there are several skin treatments you can have done to beat the post-summer blues, and restore a healthy, youthful glow to your skin.

Microneedling Questions and Answers

Microneedling is truly the latest and greatest in the world of skincare. Common among celebrities and other high-profile skincare clients, the dramatic results of microneedling are unprecedented for a quick, 30 minute in-office procedure. We at Rejuvenation Clinic are huge fans of the procedure, particularly when performed with SkinPen and SkinFuse by Bellus Medical. Learn more about this revolutionary procedure, what kind of benefits you can expect from the treatment and why we choose SkinPen over all other micro-needling devices.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Spa Treatment

Everyone looks forward to spa treatments or a full spa day. Even our most seasoned professionals at Rejuvenation Clinic look forward to their opportunity to be on the receiving side of our relaxing, beautifying treatments. While we at Rejuvenation Clinic do all we can to make your service live up to your highest expectations, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your spa treatment, as well.

5 Spa Water Recipes for Your Spa Treatment

Proper hydration is essential to get the most out of a spa service. Flushing your body with water is known to increase results of a facial treatment, fight headaches after a massage, and help you maintain a relaxed, calm state upon leaving the spa. We love the below spa water recipes for getting hydrated, healthy and gorgeous. Whip one up to find your zen pre-treatment, continue relaxing post-treatment, or creating a spa-like atmosphere when stress arises.

Sunless and Sunkissed in Arkansas

As we enter the middle of summer in Arkansas, those of us who have yet to achieve that sunkissed summer glow may begin to feel the pressure to spend hours laying out in the sun or in a tanning bed. July 3 is Stay Out of the Sun Day, and as beauty and health experts, we want to take this opportunity to warn our clients about the dangers of overexposure to harmful UV rays. The dangers are two-fold. Every minute spent unprotected in the sun negatively affects skin-quality, beauty and your health. Increased sun exposure: 

Father’s Day Gift Guide at the Spa

Every Mother’s Day, we’re swarmed with clients treating their mothers to pedicures or buying them gift cards, and we must say we agree with their gift choice – every mother deserves time out to relax! But not too surprisingly, fewer of our clients see a trip to the spa as a good way to celebrate dear old dad, and that’s a perception we’re hoping to change. Man or woman, who doesn’t enjoy a little rest and relaxation? Give the man who has given so much of his life to loving, teaching and supporting you a little time for himself. A spa service is a unique gift he won’t forget and can truly enjoy, and trust us, he has enough ties. 

Best Treatments for Wedding Season

Today is the first day of June, and wedding season is upon us. Whether you’re the bride, the groom, a part of the wedding party or just a guest, you know that any photos you’re in during the big event will last a lifetime, so you want to look your absolute best! From your skin to lashes to nails, we’ve got the perfect beautifying treatment to get you ready from head to toe.

Differences Between a Day Spa and Med Spa

While the overall look and environment of day spas and med spas can be practically identical, the treatments offered as well as the operator performing them are drastically different. Keep reading to determine which type of spa you need for the treatment or service you’re desiring.

Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Budget

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and our guess is many of you are feeling the pressure of finding that perfect gift that shows your mom exactly how much she means to you. While no gift can come close to the amount of love, support and guidance she’s given you throughout her life, there are a few gifts that will help her feel loved, appreciated and treasured, and we’ve got several of them here at Rejuvenation Clinic Day Spa that fit nearly every budget! Read below to find the perfect gift for your mom, no matter how much you can spend.