4 Unique Benefits of Mineral Makeup

4 Unique Benefits of Mineral Makeup

skinDid you know that using mineral makeup has tons of benefits? If you’ve never worn mineral based cosmetics, you might not know about all of the skin enriching properties of mineral makeup that actually work! From being breathable to radiant reflecting effects, the advantages are endless. So ladies, stick with me and I’ll give you all the inside secrets into this natural makeup superpower.

1. Fantastic Coverage

Truth be told, there is a lot of controversy as to whether mineral makeup has the power to conceal and provide full coverage. This is a miss-conception! Dare to give it a try! I love using mineral make up to cover my clients’ blemishes, scars, discoloration, and even rosacea! Since they use pure pigment with no fillers such as talc, their amazing power to conceal and cover makes them the best secret weapon in your kit!

2. Protects Your Skin

Did you know that mineral makeup offers tons of protection from the sun’s aging rays? Mineral makeup is key in protecting your skin! Jane Iredale has earned The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. To earn this seal a manufacturer must provide scientific data showing that it’s products sufficiently and safely aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin. With just a few swipes there’s no need to dread going out into the sun! This beauty gem has you covered.

3. Lightweight

With less than 5 minutes of time, you have light, airy, breathable coverage that’ll make your skin look angelic. Mineral makeup delivers a soft, light reflective, youthful appearance without ever looking cakey or feeling like your makeup is weighing you down. They form a protective barrier on the skin that allows it to breath and function without blocking pores. This is great product for that no-mess, no-fuss woman that’s ready to seize the day!

4. Anti-Aging! (Yes, worth an exclamation.)

As if the rest aren’t enough, did you know that mineral makeup is also packed with vitamins? Jane Iredale uses quality vitamins and antioxidants that are pharmaceutical grade and certified organic. The result? Younger, healthier, glowing skin! Not only is our skin the biggest organ of our bodies, it represents our experiences and reflects our character. Protect and project the real you! So ladies, now you know why I use mineral makeup on my clients and myself every day. Nature’s beauty is all around us, utilize mineral makeup! It’ll be the best beauty secret in your makeup bag and you won’t be able to be live without it. -JH