5 Spa Water Recipes for Your Spa Treatment

5 Spa Water Recipes for Your Spa Treatment

Proper hydration is essential to get the most out of a spa service. Flushing your body with water is known to increase results of a facial treatment, fight headaches after a massage, and help you maintain a relaxed, calm state upon leaving the spa. We love the below spa water recipes for getting hydrated, healthy and gorgeous. Whip one up to find your zen pre-treatment, continue relaxing post-treatment, or creating a spa-like atmosphere when stress arises.

Classic Cucumber

Combine cucumber, lemon and mint with filtered water to create this spa classic. Cucumber is known to flush out toxins and carries skin-nourishing minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

Berry Basil

Soak a handful of your favorite berries and basil in filtered water for a fruity, herb-infused anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich drink. Experience a range of health benefits.

Coconut Strawberry

Create this tropical combination that tastes like a spa and vacation all in one. Combine equal parts water and coconut water, strawberries, mint leaves and limes. You’ll receive a wealth of electrolytes from the coconut water, making this drink especially beneficial for athletes.

Raspberry Lemon

Simple lemon water is a known detox drink that rejuvenates skin and cleanses the body. Combine those benefits with the anti-inflammatory properties and Vitamin E of raspberries. Now, you have the ultimate hydrating, skin-boosting drink.

Blackberry Rosemary

Collagen-boosting blackberries combined with the protection from free-radicals that rosemary provides creates a lovely spa water recipe. This one helps prevent delicate skin cells from damage and natural aging.

Spa Water Instructions

All of these drinks can be enjoyed as soon as the ingredients are combined. But for best results, allow a few hours to defuse. While you may not be able to enjoy our range of services outside our doors, we hope you love creating touches of the spa within your home. Now, go enjoy these refreshing fruit and herb infused H2O recipes!