Why Decompressing with Massage is More Than a Luxury

Why Decompressing with Massage is More Than a Luxury

Massage is often thought of as a luxury. And indeed, it is a luxurious experience here at Rejuvenation Clinic. But it is more than a luxury in our busy, on-the-go culture. Here are some reasons to consider a massage treatment for your mind and body reboot.

Massage Therapy Can Boost Immune Performance

When you receive a massage treatment, your therapist is trained to identify areas of stress or dysfunction in the body. Underneath it all, however she is manipulating the soft tissues of the body and encouraging blood and lymph flow throughout the body. Removing blocks and encouraging blood flow to tight muscles and soft tissues, improves the body’s natural immune function. A major function of blood flow, in addition to oxygenating the body, is cleaning and removing waste at the cellular level. The blood works as the body’s immune boosting railway system, bringing oxygen to the body and removing cellular waste.

Massage Therapy Can Reduce Inflammation in Soft Tissues

Effective massage therapy can remove inflammation in the soft tissues of the body. Inflammation is a major contributor to disease and dysfunction in the physiology (how the body functions) of the body. By encouraging healthy tissue maintenance, you help improve the function and performance in the body. This is why so many athletes depend on sports massage before and after major sports events.

Massage Therapy Can Reduce Stress

Most of us know that a massage feels good and that it reduces stress levels, but there is also a physiological reason for this occurrence when you get a massage. Massage triggers the release of endorphins. These hormones, typically released at times of physical or emotional stress, help the body deal with anxiety, fear and pain. By triggering the release of these endorphins into the body, your brain is flooded with “feel good” chemicals which will help improve your mental wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing.

Massage Therapy Can Improve Function and Mobility

The proper deployment of massage therapy can increase your body’s flexibility and range of motion through passive manipulation of the tissues of the body. This therapy will increase your mobility and function in the body. Consistent massage therapy services support the body’s ability to function as it was designed to.

Ultimately, massage therapy is a valuable tool in your physical and mental health arsenal. There is always a lot to accomplish day to day. Do not ignore the maintenance and good health of your body. Schedule a massage therapy treatment today.