Picking the Right Massage for You

Picking the Right Massage for You

If you look at the Rejuvenation Clinic list of massage therapy treatments, you’ll find a range of different styles. Swedish, deep tissue, bamboo … all sound appealing, but how do you know which one will best address your issues? Read on for our guide to choosing the right massage for your needs.

Swedish Massage

The process: The most common form of massage therapy, the Swedish massage begins with long, sweeping strokes over the treatment area. The therapist then uses a mixture of muscle kneading and light to deep pressure techniques, depending on the client’s needs and preferences. The therapist will finish with long, sweeping strokes similar to those that were performed at the beginning of the treatment. Who it benefits: The simple, no-fuss yet highly effective Swedish massage is ideal for those new to massage therapy. It is also a good option for people who need to relax and relieve stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

The process: Deep tissue targets tight, knotted muscles through direct pressure on problem areas. Massage therapists use their knuckles and elbows to press through the muscle as close to the bone as possible. Deep tissue may not always feel pleasant during the treatment, and could even cause light soreness afterwards. However, the benefits for those suffering from tense, aching muscles is astounding. By spending anywhere from 60-90 minutes in treatment every month or so, many clients are able to significantly improve pain from muscle tension – if not alleviate it altogether. Who it benefits: Deep tissue massages are ideal for athletes and those who have physically demanding jobs. It can also be used to supplement physical therapy for an injury (only after complete healing), and anyone experiencing pain from stiff, tense muscles.

Bamboo Massage

The process: During a bamboo massage, the therapist deeply works tight muscles by rolling stalks of bamboo across the treatment area and kneading muscles with their hands. The length and diameter of the bamboo stalks is determined by the area being treated, and the issues you want addressed. While the bamboo stalks are used to work out tense, knotted muscles, hand kneading works out the overall treatment area and helps you relax. Who it benefits: Bamboo massage can benefit those suffering from migraines, low back pain or circulatory problems, and those seeking a deeply relaxing experience.

Hot Stone Massage

The process: The invigorating hot stone massage is performed by a therapist placing smooth, hot stones down the treatment area, then massaging muscles by rolling hot stones over them as well. While a hot stone massage is relaxing, the heat also creates an invigorating experience. Instead of being induced into an almost sleepy state, a hot stone massage keeps clients alert and in the moment. The heat also aids in releasing tension from your muscles, allowing the therapist to be even more effective in working them out. Who it benefits: Those who need to relax, release tense muscles, or who are seeking an invigorating treatment are all ideal candidates for a hot stone massage.