Remedy Dry Winter Skin

Remedy Dry Winter Skin

In central Arkansas, we spend the majority of the year in above average humidity levels. For a few months during the winter though, frigid and dry air sets in, which may leave your skin dry and cracked. While it may seem easy to use a little extra moisturizer and tough out your dry skin crisis for a couple months, dried out skin shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

In addition to simply being dull, it can also increase your risk of infection and damage. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, meant to protect the rest of your body from outside elements. When your skin is dry though, it’s unable to do its job properly and is more easily penetrated by infections and bacteria. To keep your skin and the rest of your body healthy, follow the below guidelines throughout the winter months.


Use a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week to remove rough, flaky skin and allow fresh, moist skin to flourish.


Regularly moisturizing your skin is of the utmost importance during the winter months. Make sure to begin each day by applying a moisturizer with SPF and end it with a night cream. We also recommend regularly using a body lotion. Applying hand cream throughout the day can also work wonders in preventing cracked skin on your hands, which are often more exposed to the harsh elements than other parts of your body.

Reduce bathing time and temperature.

We all love long, hot showers and baths during the winter, but indulging in them repeatedly can dry out your skin. Keep bathing time to 10 minutes tops, and opt for lukewarm water.

Watch what you eat.

Moisturize your skin from the inside out by working moisture-rich foods into your diet. We recommend unsaturated fat-rich nuts such as almonds, pine nuts and pistachios. Foods that provide lutein and zeaxanthin, like eggs and dark leafy greens, are also proven to increase moisture levels over time.


Again, healthy, moist skin begins with what you put in your body, so make sure you drink plenty of water.

Get a facial.

Sometimes you can do everything right at home, but your skin still struggles with the brutally dry air it’s being exposed to everyday. Give your skin a hydration boost by getting an intensive moisturizing, nourishing facial. We recommend the Advanced Hydrafacial for most of our clients, which is on special the entire month of December! You’re now equipped with the knowledge you need to enjoy the brisk, cold air without dry, flaky skin. For help picking out an exfoliant, moisturizer or scheduling a facial, give us a call or stop by the spa!