Sunless and Sunkissed in Arkansas

Sunless and Sunkissed in Arkansas

As we enter the middle of summer in Arkansas, those of us who have yet to achieve that sunkissed summer glow may begin to feel the pressure to spend hours laying out in the sun or in a tanning bed. July 3 is Stay Out of the Sun Day, and as beauty and health experts, we want to take this opportunity to warn our clients about the dangers of overexposure to harmful UV rays. The dangers are two-fold. Every minute spent unprotected in the sun negatively affects skin-quality, beauty and your health. Increased sun exposure: 

Encourages wrinkles and premature aging

One of the most effective yet underrated beauty products is a simple, oil-free sunscreen. Applying SPF, especially to your face, on a daily basis will work wonders in preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging. We offer countless services and products that can help you maintain and regain youthful skin. However, nothing compares to the preventive measures of keeping your skin out of the sun and protected by sunscreen.

Increases the risk of skin cancer

On a more serious note, unprotected sun exposure increases your risk of skin cancer. In fact, both the sun and tanning beds alike are linked to the deadliest form of skin cancer; melanoma. Tanning has become somewhat of a beauty obsession in our culture. Unfortunately, it’s leading to an epidemic of dangerous skin cancers, especially among young women.

Sunkissed options

The amount of premature aging and skin cancer among the community is staggeringly high, but fortunately, there is absolutely no need to subject your skin to harmful UV rays in order to get a beautiful bronzed glow. In the spa, we carry the full line of St. Tropez products as well as TanTowel and Fake Bake. These are three amazing, sunless options that beautifully darken any skin tone. From gradual-tanning tinted lotions to complete self-tan kits to tanning towelettes, we have an array of products that compliment a wide range of skin-types and lifestyles. Come by the spa. Let one of our skin experts help you find the right product that will give you perfectly sunkissed skin all year long.