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(NEW!) Face Lift Optimizer

90 Minute Facial – Lifts · Fills · Relaxes
Surgical alternative treatment that infuses the skin with all of the benefits of a microinjection without the neurotoxins. Visibly lifts skin after just one treatment due to the innovative and highly concentrated ingredients.


(NEW!) Diamond White Facial

60 Minute Facial – Depigments · Evens skin tone · Brightens
Natura Bissé’s cosmetic response to the search for skin free from dark spots and blemishes. A facial that will diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation while leaving the skin with a radiant glow. The effectiveness of this method is based on 3 pillars — renewing, depigmenting and illuminating— that deliver remarkably even tone and smooth skin texture. The high concentrations of spot-correcting active ingredients work with great precision, right where your skin needs it, providing cumulative results and preventing the imbalances in pigmentation that age your skin.


(NEW!) Carboxi-Express

30 Minute Facial – Reveals · Renews · Exfoliates
A lunchtime peel for a glow on the go. Using 5 AHAs, this triple exfoliating treatment will produce unprecedented results leaving your skin extraordinarily soft and luminous in just 30 minutes!


Ultimate Hydrating Facial* **

This deeply hydrating facial treatment addresses all the needs of dry, sun damaged, dehydrated skin. It helps to restore your skin’s natural moisture balance and suppleness while infusing the skin with Hyaluronic Acid, growth factors, proteins and antioxidants. Also featuring treatment with NuFace Trinity™. This micro-current treatment will LIFT, TONE, and SCULPT the face before your very eyes!

* WARNING not safe for use on anyone with electrical implants.
**For best results use with home care products as directed by your skin care professional.


Eminence LED Facial

This is an anti-aging facial that uses Red LED lights to rejuvenate the skin by reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and accelerating cell turnover.

*There is no dermal heat generated with this light and therefore is safe for all skin types.
* There is no risk of hyperpigmentation with LED light therapy. This is NOT a laser.


Luxe* Rosacea Facial

Give your irritated skin the relief it needs! In this specially formulated treatment for rosacea, your skin will receive antioxidant benefits combined with gentle exfoliation to reduce inflammation and restore balance.


*Previously known as Sonya Dakar

Luxe* Fitness Facial

This facial features the renowned skincare, UltraLuxe, to deep clean and thoroughly exfoliate your skin. With a light Microdermabrasion in addition to a multi-level exfoliation this treatment is designed to give you smoother, brighter skin in as little as one treatment!*


*Previously known as Sonya Dakar

Eminence Custom Facial*

This Eminence facial is customized with active ingredients specifically fit for your skin to enhance it’s natural health and beauty. The award-winning Eminence skin care line delivers brilliant results using organic products bursting with juicy pulp, seeds and herbs, without harsh chemicals or parabens. Eminence addresses skin concerns such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of vitality, tone and radiance.


* For best results use with home care products as directed by your skin care professional.

Acne Clearing Facial*

It’s the end of the line for adult acne! This powerful, oil-free treatment jump-starts acne clearing and helps prevent new acne breakouts by detoxifying the skin and calming irritation and redness.

* For best results use with home care products as directed by your skin care professional.


Rejuvenation Signature Facial*

Customized to fit individual skin care concerns, this deep cleansing, therapeutic treatment is certain to ease the mind and body. With a thorough exfoliation and nutrient rich masks and moisturizers, our signature treatment will help restore the natural balance of your skin.

* For best results use with home care products as directed by your skin care professional.


Signature Men’s Facial

Does shaving bring about the worst in your skin? This treatment will help skin recover from current damage while cleansing, clearing, soothing and calming.

* For best results use with home care products as directed by your skin care professional.


Mini Cleansing Facial(Ages 12 and Under)

This is an educational treatment designed to introduce healthy skin care and skin habits. Recommendations and tips will be given to assist in long term skin health. This treatment can be customized for any skin type.

* For best results use with home care products as directed by your skin care professional.


Treatment Facials


Advanced HydraFacial™ (Performed by RN)

This treatment includes all of the benefits above with additional lymphatic drainage and wet diamond exfoliation.



This innovative twist to traditional Microdermabrasion utilizes a patented Vortex Fusion™ to deep clean pores through a series of nourishing serums and cutting edge exfoliation. Your skin will feel fresh and clean without feeling stripped and dry!


Anti-Aging HydraFacial


Brightening HydraFacial


Back Add-on


Neck/Chest Add-on


*beginning price

Oxygen Treatments

Acne Oxygen Treatment

The Oxyceuticals Oxygen Acne Treatment System was developed by ECHO2Plus – the recognized leader in professional oxygen treatments for skin. As the pioneer in this field for over eighteen years, the researchers at ECHO2Plus set out to develop a clinical acne treatment which would build upon the successful principles of the ECHO2Plus original Oxygen Treatment, yet specifically target acne vulgaris (common acne).


Oxygen Treatment

The ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Treatment System utilizes principles to nourish and revitalize every cell of the skin pore-by-pore. This is beneficial for treating skin damaged by oxygen depletion, aging, sun and weather exposure as well as ailments including rosacea and many others. Your skin will appear softer and noticeably more radiant after just one treatment.


MicroVenom Facials

MicroVenom Age Control

This advanced facial treatment involves cutting edge anti-aging technology that regenerates the skin of the face and neck. This treatment addresses visible signs of aging including lines, wrinkles, dehydration, flaking, dry, thinning or loose skin, as well as hyperpigmentation. This is an exfoliating, hydrating and soothing treatment that reveals fresh, younger looking skin. You are never too young to benefit from this treatment!


Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion

Our crystal-free microdermabrasion system uses surgical stainless steel, diamond encrusted wands to gently remove the dead layers of skin to expose newer, younger looking skin. This has been proven as one of the most popular and effective treatments for wrinkles, acne scars, sun-damage, enlarged pore, etc. with little to no downtime.

Face & Neck




Chest Add-on


Available Treatment *Add-ons

Opal Eye & Lip Treatments

Opal is a device from the Clarisonic family that infuses creams and serums through a series of micro-massages. This technology helps products reach beneath the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Opal Eye Treatment
  • A spot-specific anti-aging treatment add-on.
  • Opal Lip Treatment
  • A spot-specific anti-aging treatment add-on.

  • Acid Peel
  • Paraffin (hands)
  • Éminence Organics Lip Treatment
  • Erase winter dryness and treat your lips to a naturally effective three-step lip treatment.
  • Extractions (15 min)
  • Extractions are included in all of our facials. This add-on is perfect when you would like special attention or extra work in an area that requires additional time.
*Treatment add-ons ONLY. Not available for individual purchase.